The 5 Best Wireless TV Antenna for Cord Cutters (Review)

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Do you also want to enjoy watching high-definition TV but can’t afford the high prices of cable or satellite, every month? Well, you can still have the joy of watching Television by setting up an antenna which can be the perfect solution for your needs. Choosing the right type of antenna and deciding what to buy is a task in itself. To help you with it, we are here with our best suggestions and a guide to make this task easier for you.

Best Wireless TV Antenna for Cord-Cutters

The first question that would come to our mind would be “Why a TV Antenna?”

Here’s why:

Reasons to add a TV Antenna

If you’ve never used an antenna before, there are several good reasons to give it a try now:

  • Local TV broadcasts are everywhere: though, big cities have the widest range of local TV broadcasts, over 99% can receive at least one local station and around 89% of them can get five or more stations; making it accessible more or less everywhere.
  • OTA signals are free:  Receiving OTA (Over The Air) channels is free. You only have to spend money on the Antenna and the cost of setting it up and you’ll be good.
  • The excellent picture quality: Over The Air TV signal provide excellent picture quality unlike the cable and satellite providers who engage in data compression and other such means to provide you hundreds of channels.

However, not every antenna would be able to provide you with a great quality TV connection everywhere. The distance and direction from the TV station transmitters to your home are the two major factors that determine the reception quality. The transmitter’s power and the height of its tower also matter.

If you live within a few miles of the transmitter, and the signal path is relatively unobstructed, you may be able to get solid reception using a small indoor antenna but as you move farther away, getting a good and reliable signal strength becomes trickier. This is where careful HD antenna selection and installation become essential.

So, cut that cord, ditch that dish, and become a part of the growing number of American households which don’t have to pay monthly bills for cable or TV.

Best Wireless TV Antenna for Cord-Cutters

We tested some antennas, and here are what we found to be the 5 Best Wireless TV Antennas:

1. AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna – 35-Mile Range

AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna - 35-Mile Range

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as of June 2, 2023 12:54 pm


  • Channel reception will vary depending on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers, and your surroundings (i.e. obstructions between you and the towers)
  • If the antenna does not work satisfactorily in your area/home, you can return the item to Amazon within 30 days of receipt of shipment. See our Returns Policy.
  • 35 Mile range to access from broadcast tower; receives free HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more
  • Reversible with black or white sides to match your home's decoration; antenna can be painted over to achieve a more personal touch
  • The antenna's performance is influenced by the surroundings and distance to the signal source.The design was verified and field tests were arranged showing that the product can meet the range claims.

It’s right in that spot in the name: Amazon’s own antenna option is essential without a doubt, with an exceptionally meagre, paper-like section of plastic that mounts to your divider with the included twofold sided glue cushions. This one isn’t intensified, so there’s no force plug required—it just plugs into the coaxial contribution on your TV.

In the area we tested, we reliably observed heavenly outcomes with the AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna, which is appraised to arrive at sources up to 35 miles away. There were periodic disparities, however, for example, attempting to get the neighbourhood PBS channels. You may need to mess with situating in your space to boost the range, however that is valid with most indoor reception apparatuses.

In the event that you live near a significant city, for instance, this could be all you need. What’s more, at a soliciting cost from just $20, it’s a lot in the event that it accommodates your circumstance. Amazon used to sell a more drawn out range, intensified reception apparatus evaluated for up to 50 miles, yet it is presently suspended. On the off chance that you live farther from a significant city or communicate source, or you envision having gathering issues, at that point you might need to decide on an intensified option.

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 35 miles
  • Dimensions: 12.1 x 13.3 inches
  • Cable length: 10ft.
  • Amplified: No

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Good Performance within Range.
  • Great Value.
  • Economic Price.

2. Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A

Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped Digital HD Indoor Amplified TV Antenna (4K Ready / ATSC 3.0 Ready / High-VHF / UHF), 50 Mile Long Range

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as of June 2, 2023 12:54 pm


  • Country Of Origin : United States.Element Thickness: ~.02"
  • Embedded Ultra Low Noise Amplifier With Clear Circuit Technology (1.0 Db Typical Noise Figure)
  • Dual-Band Amplified Hdtv Reception Up To 60 Miles/Extra Long Quality Coax (18 Ft)
  • Energy Saving Usb Power Supply With Led Power Indicator,18.5′ Mini Coaxial Cable (Attached To Antenna For Better Quality)
  • 50 Mile Range, High Definition dual band VHF/UHF

Winegard’s Amplified FlatWave FL5500A TV Antenna checks the entirety of the equivalent boxes as the AmazonBasics model recorded previously. It offers a 50-mile range, is level and almost paper-flimsy with highly contrasting sides, and conveys a solid 1080p sign. In our testing, it discovered a little more than 50 directs in the two areas. We have no bad things to say about the gadget itself.

Extremely, our lone issue that the FlatWave FL5500A costs more than twofold the cost of the AmazonBasics 50-mile choice, and in all honesty, we were unable to tell a distinction between them being used. They are about indistinguishable no matter how you look at it, however dependent on current valuing, you’ll spare more than $25 with Amazon’s model. It’s incredible, however there’s no unmistakable motivation to pay additional that we could see.

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 50 miles
  • Dimensions: 12 x 13 inches
  • Cable length: 18.5ft.
  • Amplified: Yes

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Commendable network catching capabilities.
  • Covers up a range of 50 miles.
  • USB power supply with LED power indicator.

3. Mohu Blade TV Antenna, HD, Indoor Antenna

New! Mohu Blade TV Antenna, HD, Indoor Antenna, 50 Mile Range, Amplified, Get Free TV, 4K Ready

$18.50  in stock
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as of June 2, 2023 12:54 pm


  • Free TV for life: 50 Mile range outdoor or indoor TV antenna to access high definition over-the-air TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription, including abc, cbs, NBC, pbs, Fox, univision and more
  • Digital antenna for HDTV with amplified new design: sleek and modern bar HDTV antenna design, with new innovative first stage amplifier now located right next to the TV antenna.FirstStage Amplifier Gain:15 dB
  • Television antenna for both outdoor and indoor antenna use: multi-directional -- no "pointing" Is needed. Easy installation, tabletop or wall mountable, digital TV antenna comes with included 10 ft. Detachable high performance coaxial cable
  • From the makers of the original paper-thin HD antenna for TV: derived from advanced US military TV antennas technology
  • Note: indoor HDTV antenna enables access to free channels only - does not enable access to paid channels such as ESPN/Fox news

Mohu’s new Blade TV reception antenna is a stand-out – rather than a floppy sheet, it’s a thicker, rectangular plastic board that you probably won’t be constrained to cover up. You could mount it on the divider beneath the TV like a soundbar, or there’s a little connectable kickstand in the event that you’d preferably put it on a TV stand. Regardless, it’s a la mode such that most radio wires essentially don’t endeavour to be. What’s more, in the event that you need, you can mount it in a storage room or even outside.

In any case, that style accompanies disappointments. We battled powerfully to append a coaxial link or 90-degree coaxial connector to the rear of the radio wire, since its coaxial connector is wedged so close to the support. At last, we utilized a screwdriver to evacuate the spongey bolster ring on the back to give our hands more space, and afterward needed to utilize forceps to fix the connector since it wouldn’t move utilizing our fingers. It was a genuine torment.

When it was at long last fully operational, we looked through various occasions and discovered less channels with the ground-floor TV – only 44 maximum, contrasted with 50+ with the others. None of the oversights were essential, however it was as yet a distinction. Upstairs, we needed to mess with the area before hitting a similar 50+ imprint as different radio wires. The Blade is smooth and smart; however, the littler size carries several disappointments alongside it.

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 50 miles
  • Dimensions: 18 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • Cable length: 10ft.
  • Amplified: Yes

Key Features:

  • Very attractive antenna.
  • No pointing or adjusting directions needed.
  • Covers up a range of 40 miles.
  • Table top or wall mountable apparatus.

4. 1byone Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

1byone Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna [Newest] with Long Range Support 4K 1080P & All Older TV's Indoor Powerful HDTV Amplifier Signal Booster, Paper-Thin Design with 16.5ft Coax Cable

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as of June 2, 2023 12:54 pm


  • ✅Full free for life - Never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again! This best quality model can pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs in Full HD. Say goodbye to huge cable bills with 1byone super thin indoor HDTV antenna!
  • ✅Latest amplifier signal booster - Advanced amplifier technology boosts signal reception so that 1byone HDTV antenna can pick up signals within long distance. New generation and clear filter technology automatically filters out cellular and FM signals, ensuring reliable performance for the best possible TV picture. You’d better Not use this amplifier or booster if the signal is already very strong or your house is very close to the broadcast tower.
  • ✅Easy operation in 3 steps - This simple plug-and-play device will keep you from getting Mad. Unwrap, Plug in and scan channels. You can place Our antenna almost anywhere in your home. Try placing your antenna in multiple locations and testing The signal before you make a final installation decision.
  • ✅Enough quality longer coaxial cable - The premium coaxial cable consists of a solid center conductor, Dielectric insulation, 3 layers of aluminum shielding and durable outer layer. Included a 16.5-foot coaxial cable ensures easy placement to get the best reception in your house, which is especially useful for customers whose TVs are not near Windows.
  • ✅What you get - If you have any issues with reception, contact us and we will provide full technical support to get your issues solved quickly.Please note that over-the-air reception is dependent upon environmental factors and we cannot promise reception in all conditions.

For a basic, indoor TV Antenna that offers all that you have to cut the cord, the 1byone Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna offers a 50-mile go and included intensifier, just for a genuinely sensible cost. With smooth bundling and an essential dark plan, it’s not just an Amazon blockbuster, it’s additionally a standout amongst other TV reception apparatuses we’ve checked on.

Estimating simply 13.3 x 9.3 inches, the reception apparatus incorporates all that you have to associate with the TV, with a 10-foot coaxial link and included cement patches for mounting. The straightforward plan and included enhancer conveyed many watchable channels, and can plug into any divider outlet or USB port. There’s a valid justification the 1byone is a top Amazon dealer: It performs well and doesn’t cost a great deal.

There’s also a 5-foot-long USB cable for connecting the 1byone to the amplifier — and a USB power adapter, which many cheaper antennas omit. For neophytes, there’s also a brief but extremely clear and helpful installation guide. The 1byone is an inexpensive and capable antenna with all the requisite components.

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 50 miles
  • Dimensions: 13.25 x 9.25 inches
  • Cable length: 10ft.
  • Amplified: Yes

Key Features:

  • All necessary components included in the package.
  • It is moderately priced.
  • Covers up a range of 50 miles.
  • Easy and convenient to set up, comes with an installation guide.

5. Clear TV HDTV Antenna

ClearTV Premium HD TV Antenna

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as of June 2, 2023 12:54 pm


  • Get Free Local And National HDTV Channels And Shows
  • Easy To Use – Just Stick Your Clear TV Antenna In A Window Or In The Back Of Any Standard Or Flat-Screen TV
  • Watch TV In As Many Rooms As You Like
  • Instantly Receive Network Shows Local News And Weather, Sporting Events, And More In 4k High Definition
  • Eliminate Your Cable Or Satellite Bills – No Monthly Fees

The Clear TV HDTV Antenna rethinks the exemplary plan as a USB leave estimated radio wire with extendable rabbit ears. It’s little, it’s straightforward, and it’s unfathomably modest . Be that as it may, in case you’re believing that a plan like this is unrealistic, at that point you’re on to something: While we encountered great gathering in one area that we’ve used to test numerous radio wires, we battled to pull the same number of channels or as reliable of gathering in another zone that has approved of bigger, all the more impressive adversaries.

We saw totally different outcomes on two stories of a house we tested in. On the highest level, the receiving wire performed correspondingly to numerous others that we have tried in the area, getting 55 channels and giving solid gathering on the majority of them. We tried the radio wire both straightforwardly behind the TV and two or three feet from it on a similar surface, and the outcomes were comparable in the two occurrences.

Down the stairs in the family room, the Clear TV was considerably less fruitful. We ran various channel checks with the antenna behind the TV, both laying on the stand and on the rear of the set itself, and just pulled in around 20 channels. Those channels looked clear and were steady, however it was a small amount of what we had pulled one story higher.

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 35 miles
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Cable length: 6.5ft.
  • Amplified: No.

Key Features:

  • Very compact in size.
  • It is very economical, easy on pockets.
  • Covers up a range of 35 miles.
  • Shows the channels in 4K high definition.

If, however, you live in an area which is far from the sources, or have always experienced interference in TV signals, you should go for something more powerful than the ones we reviewed.

Buyer’s Guide:

After reading our reviews, you must be wondering which is the right one for me or how should I decide. To get you covered on that, we created a buyer’s guide to help you out with buying the best TV Antennas for cord-cutter.

  • Reception Range:

The picture quality even in the best antennas vary on the reception range. Make sure the antenna covers up the required area from the signal provider to your home to receive a better signal. A few antennas provide a 150 miles radius range but however you can also install a 50 miles’ radius range one indoors and get a solid connection if the transmitting towers are near your place.

  • Bandwidth:

Usually, the TV antennas receive two types of bands: UHF and VHF. The best TV antennas are equipped with dual-band reception giving you more channel options to watch in HD and 4K depending on the specs of the antenna. Know more about the UHF and VHF and make the choice wisely according to your needs.

  • Pricing:

A few TV antennas are of an economic range and may lie within your budget, you don’t have to go out of your way and buy something you can’t afford to pay. Don’t dig holes in your pockets and spend a bizarre amount of money and buy a decent product which fulfils your needs.

  • Interferences:

There are a lot of waves being transmitted on air and sometimes these waves collide and interfere with themselves. These antennas are designed to receive UHF and VHF signals from broadcast towers. The transmission of these signals may be interfered with by 4G and 3G mobile networks causing the antennas to have challenges in identifying signals for various channels. The best antennas have 4G filters and a built-in pre-amplifier. The 4G filter removes the interference from mobile network signals while the pre-amplifier makes the signal clearer offering clear FHD or 4K transmission on the TV. So, go for a pre-installed noise cancellation set up.

  • Installation and set up:

The best antennas are easy to install and setup and get started with. Most of them are built with a DIY design that makes it easy for you to install them in minutes either on walls, poles, masts, or wherever you believe it would receive the signals uninterrupted from all directions. You don’t need to pay experts for installation processes when you are buying the best TV antennas.

Few Tips for New Cord Cutters:

If you are new at cutting the cord, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your antenna:

1. Not all Antennas are made for you.

Antennas come in many different sizes and types. Some antennas are mounted on the outdoors of your house and others are meant to be on the indoors of your house. Some antennas are more powerful than others. Before you buy an antenna, do a bit of research first to see what kind of antenna you need.

2. You should find the best place in your house for the antenna.

Over The Air (OTA) reception is a lot like radio signals, you may get a very strong and good network at most places in your house or you may not but you should look out for the most apt place in your house which lies in the good network zone to get the most out of your antenna.

Also, don’t mount your antenna near metals or any other electronic items; they might interfere with your TV signals.

3. Go High.

Yeah, this is in reference to the antenna’s placement. Place your antenna as high as you can. The higher the antenna is mount, the less interferences it gets and also goes good on the network catching part.

4. Get an Amplifier Splitter.

If you are thinking about connecting multiple TVs to one antenna, we would suggest using a powered amplified splitter to help make sure the signal stays strong. Each time you split the antenna between TVs you weaken the signal and an amplified splitter will help ensure your TV gets a strong signal.


There is a huge number of TV Antennas to look over to fill any requirements you may have for your TV experience.

Maybe, there are sure characteristics you are searching for with regards to your Antenna. Regardless of whether it’s a long-go or the numerous bearings required for specific channels, there is an antenna out there for each and every necessity you may have. If your fundamental drive is to cut that cable bill, at that point you have bounty to look over to keep you content with your TV seeing experience.

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