The 5 Best Long Range Outdoor HDTV Antenna (Review)

For a good TV signal, a long range outdoor HDTV Antenna works best. This is especially the case for people living away from the broadcast station. The function of an ordinary antenna cannot compare to that of a long range HDTV antenna. A long range antenna can amp up the reception and made the quality significantly better.

The long periods that most people spend in front of the TV necessitate that the TV signal is clear. This ensures a quality watching experience. The payment in case of long range antennas is less, and it facilitates the saving of money.

Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

This is because the only payment involved is the price of the antenna. The price of a long range antenna is affordable. Long-range antennas also catch different signals which prove to be advantageous.

Best Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

These antennas are able to pick broadcasts from all local networks. Long-range antennas are not affected by the weather, allowing people to enjoy quality video even when the weather is intense. These antennas also don’t use compression techniques to compress signals, so the output is excellent.

Here are some of the most effective long-range TV antennas on the market today:

1. Xtreme Signal Long Range Yagi Style Antenna (HDB91X)

Long Range UHF - HDTV 91 Element Yagi Antenna


  • VHF/UHF HDTV signals received, superior performance to most antennas
  • Its beam width is 60 degrees
  • Dimensions: W=20″ x L=87.5″ x H=20.5″
  • It has a high-gain design
  • Includes antenna and mounting hardware(compatible with masts of 1.6″ outer diameter or smaller)
  • Large back reflector suppresses interference with a high front-to-back ratio of 26dB
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in transformer for direct 75 ohm (coax) connection
  • Its estimated mileage is up to 70+ miles for UHF and 25 Miles for High Band VHF

The Yagi style antenna is popular in areas where reception is scarce. It offers crystal clear HDTV reception. This is one of the strongest long-range HDTV antennas. The antenna assembly and installation is easy and hassle-free.

This antenna has good construction. It’s back reflector helps in diminishing interference. The overall signal quality is excellent. Like all good long range antennas, this antenna also continues to perform well in rough weather.

This antenna receives 720p as well as 1080p HD signals over the long range. It is possible to adjust the antenna angle. It comes with a built-in transformer for 75 ohms (coax) connection. The antenna has a sturdy build because of the quality materials used in its construction. This makes it long-lasting and a worthy investment. It is affordable and values for money.

2. Antop UFO – Outdoor TV Antenna

Outdoor TV Antenna for Multiple TVs


  • It is multi-usage: It can be used for 2 TV’s simultaneously with the help of 2 – way coaxial signal splitter which allows you to split the signal
  • It has omnidirectional reception with enhanced VHF range, allowing signals from all directions
  • This is UV coated and has a weather-resistant exterior that is combined with anti-interference technology to give you the perfect picture clarity and full channel capacity, no matter what the weather is
  • The application consists of a smart amplifier system which reduces the problems, we don’t need to decide anymore between a short-range and long range antenna. It is an exclusive technology which Antop is offering
  • It also includes a 4G/LTE filter. It is the first antenna manufacturer that has included a built-in 3G and 4G wireless signal that ensures a noise-free digital TV reception
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

The Antop UFO outdoor TV antenna is compact, long omnidirectional TV antenna.  This is absolutely right for the ones making an attempt to receive a variety of signals from multiple directions.

This antenna offers reception of up to sixty-five miles. It also provides high-gain reception and smart-pass technology for a powerful and consistent signal. A 2 – way coaxial signal splitter is also provided. This is for the signal to be shared between 2 TV.  It creates a value deal for family homes.

This UFO type antenna was redesigned to match the similar gain of ancient large, ugly mechanical antennas and associate degree Omni-direction with high gain reception and smart pass technology to amplify your broadcast origination to a vast level of clarity. It happens by increasing the frequency channel reception and reducing the blind spots.

3. Clearstream 2V Direct Antenna

Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna, 60+ Mile Range


  • The antenna is rated the best if you want to use it in the 60-mile category.
  • It is able to receive free TV from networks like ABC, Fox, MeTV and many more and that in full HD wherever available.
  • It is dedicated to UHF and VHF multi-directional elements that are capable of delivering a range and reception in less than ideal locations.
  • Comes with a ClearStream 2V antenna which has all-weather mounting hardware with instructions inside.
  • Provides you with the lifetime warranty on parts.
  • The coaxial cable provided inside is of 30ft long which can be used for far distances.

Today ClearStream has become a leader in antenna technology and therefore the ClearStream 2V outdoor/indoor HDTV antenna with mount uses proprietary technology to deliver clear full HD TV signals from ranges up to sixty miles away. It is also multi-directional which increases your channel selection.

It can be mounted inside or within the attic, or outdoors for the simplest results. As a front runner in the newest antenna technology, this company is devoted to providing superior merchandise supported by a time period warranty and a world category call center that is placed in St. Louis, MO.

4. Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna DB8e

Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna


  • It has a 70 miles range
  • Multi-directional
  • It is applicable indoors or outdoors
  • It has a special bracket to turn both panels
  • Its mounting weather is durable under all weather conditions
  • It has an adjustable mast clamp
  • It is 4K ready

This is the most powerful 8-element bowtie antenna out of all antennas available. It has a 70 miles range subject to location, obstruction and building materials. It makes it possible to view TV broadcasts from popular networks in crystal clear full HD 1080. There is hardly any compression as compared to cable and satellite TV.

To watch popular network TV, there are no costs or contracts involved and no service dropouts. This antenna is smaller than legacy bowtie antennas and provides twice the power. It is supported by a lifetime warranty. It provides a gain of 17.4 dBi.

This would make it the most powerful antenna in the world. Its performance is unmatched. The two panels target broadcast towers in multiple directions using specially designed brackets. This antenna is ideal for areas where the reception is scarce due to obstructive materials.

5. Channel Master CM-4228HD

Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF and HDTV Antenna


  • High VHF, UHF and HDTV Antenna
  • Approximately 80 miles range
  • Multi-directional reception angle
  • The high-gain design offers a gain of 12 dB

This antenna is the highest rated among the long-range antennas. It is also one of the strongest receivers. It supports full HD 1080p picture quality. It is lightweight and constructed out of aluminum. Its durability and high gain ensure that it retains its popularity. It has the ability to receive digital and analog over-the-air TV signals in the UHF band and high VHF.

A built-in 75-Ohm PC balun reduces impedance between the antenna’s elements and the coaxial cable. The antenna has a bowtie design optimized for UHF. It is a multidirectional antenna. It covers stations located up to 180 degrees apart from its location. It does not require amplification for the most part.

It is possible to combine it with another UHF antenna on the same mast. It is non-amplified. The antenna is preassembled and easy to install. It can be attached to a mast of up to two inches diameter with two U clamps. It performs well under all weather conditions and is quite sturdy. It is possible to connect multiple TV sets with it. Good reception and multi-directionality are its positives.

Buyer’s Guide

While buying long range antennas there are more things to be considered than just price and aesthetic. The main factors to look at are antenna range, size of the antenna and finally its price. The topology, distance to the transmitters, and various obstructions must also be considered.

  • Range

One of the most significant aspects to consider when buying an antenna is the range. In order to be value for money, the antenna needs to work over a long range. If it does not cater to a long-range, it will broadcast poor quality signals. It is always advisable that you go to a TV antenna with a large range is most advisable. This is true in all cases except for the houses near a broadcasting station.

  • Size of the antenna

It may be surprising that size matters in the selection of a long range antenna. The size of the antenna does not matter when the space available is large. However, in case of space constraints, compact antennas that can still receive a quality signal are required.

  • Antenna gain

This depicts how much an antenna is able to direct frequencies in a specific pattern or direction. It is a relative measure and expressed in dBi or dBd. It is significantly affected by the design of the antenna.

  • Price

The main reason for many people to switch to a long-range antenna is the cost of Cable TV or Satellite TV service. Therefore to maintain this advantage of long-range antennas, it is essential to consider the price at the time of purchase.

Long-range antennas are affordable, with most good ones being between $40-50. There are of course cheaper options in the market. The more expensive ones offer quality and more features, and therefore it might be prudent to invest in them as a long-term investment. After all, the payment is only once in case of a long-range antenna.


What is the need for a long range antenna?

For the people who live in rural areas, it is possible to accommodate a bigger antenna with additional sensing components. In urban areas, it becomes difficult to accommodate one for every house.

Also, it often becomes difficult to receive a good TV signal with a standard antenna. Therefore a long range antenna will definitely be worth the investment.

It has the following benefits:

  • Access to additional channels
  • Provide additional HD quality
  • Save some cash
  • No compression techniques
  • Not affected by bad weather

What factors are most significant for consideration while buying a long range antenna?

While buying long range antennas there are more things to be considered than just price and aesthetic. The main factors to look at are antenna range, size of the antenna and finally its price.

What is the weight of the long range antennas?

The weights of the devices vary depending on the size and the brand.

Do long range antennas come with warranties?

A. This depends on the manufacturer of the antenna. Some manufacturers provide a payback warranty while others do not. 

Is it possible to hook the antenna to multiple TVs?

Yes, it is possible to connect an antenna to multiple TVs. This is an easy procedure with a 2 – way coaxial signal splitter. The splitter allows the signal to be shared between two TVs.  It creates a value deal for family homes.

What is a Yagi-style antenna?

Hidetsugu Yagi gets the credit for the Yagi antenna although he is not the original inventor. The Yagi was designed to improve the gain of the antenna concentrated in one direction. The directivity is accomplished with added elements called directors and reflectors. The Yagi has high Gain, is very directional, and has a narrow bandwidth.

Is it preferable to install an antenna outdoors or is it okay to install it indoors?

The TV antenna must be placed at the highest point available with a clear line of sight to the broadcast towers. This is to reduce the likelihood of obstructions between the antenna and the broadcast towers. Therefore, it is preferable to install the antenna outdoors. Some rare cases may necessitate its installment indoors in the attic.

What if the local broadcast towers are out of the line of sight of the antennas?

The ideal situation for a TV antenna is when the antenna and broadcast towers are in a straight unobstructed line. If this is not the case, there may be the need to elevate or move the antenna. The antenna must not be aiming towards any obstruction.

Over how much distance can antennas pick up stations?

At normal elevations, because of the curvature of the earth, the range is approximately 70 miles for UHF band signals. A low VHF band may offer a better range.

Is it alright to install an antenna in an attic?

Sometimes an antenna is installed in the attic for reasons that necessitate it.  However, the materials of the roof cause a reduction in signal strength. Metal or aluminium-backed insulation will completely obscure the signal. The options, in this case, are to either take the insulation out or find another place for the antenna. Care should be taken that the indoor antenna is facing local TV broadcast towers.


Presently, long range antennas have decided advantages over cable and satellite TV service. It is more economical. In case someone decides to make the switch, it helps to go through the buyer guide and learn about key features. There are a variety of options in the market to choose from. The buyer must see its suitability and his convenience. It is fairly simple to install and use the long range antennas.

For lower TV costs, more variety of channels and strong signals, it might be best to consider getting a long-range antenna. The long range antennas continue to be popular because of their features and advantages.

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