Livewave Antenna Review – Detailed Review by Professionals

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The Television Industry has seen tremendous advancements right since from the time it was invented. From CRT( Cathode Ray Tube) TVs to LCD(Liquid  Crystal Display) and plasmas, from Digital TV to High Definition, the TV Industry never fails to amaze us. However, with the advent of smartphones, tablets, and laptops the TV sales did decline to a certain extent. But once again, they have come. Up with a new and convenient technology which is going to attract us back to our wonderful TV sets.

This innovation called “Livewave Antenna” is going to remove all the shortcomings of the old dish antennas like high monthly charges, dependability on the weather conditions, frequent servicing needed, etc. Livewave Antenna is a High Definition (HD) television antenna that transmits multiple local stations in your area.

You can directly plug Livewave Antenna into your wall. The best part about the antenna is its sleek design. It is compact and its advanced technology offers enhanced functions that keep up with the small size of the antenna. It also has telescoping metal receptors. You get to watch HD channels for free through this device. The antennas today are so hard to install and manage.

Livewave Antenna

Most of the time, the signal reception is terrible. But with the Livewave Antenna, all of that is so simple. You can easily install it at your home without any complications. And the signal reception is so great. You do not have to pay expensive cable bills every month. In today’s world, antennas seem to be obsolete. Nobody uses them anymore. But the Livewave Antenna provides an affordable alternative for these expensive cable companies.

The Livewave Antenna is a must for all the TV lovers out there. You get free movies, free news, free local television, and free HD television channels. It converts your standard cables into a super antenna for the transmission of a wide range of signals. Once you install the Livewave Antenna, it will give you access to TV channels broadcasted for free.

The signal reception is powerful and also quite reliable. It doesn’t matter if it is raining or it is windy, your picture quality will be the best. The signal reception is that good. The regular cable TV faces this problem.

But the Livewave Antenna has solved this problem for you. It is a compact device that you can easily install on your own without any assistance. You do not need any assistance with it. The Livewave Antenna is also highly durable. It doesn’t get connected to the live wiring of your house. It has its grounded circuit and this makes it safe for kids and pets.


1. HIGH DEFINITION CHANNELS – The Livewave Antenna offers you both the standard channels and the high definition channels.

2. AFFORDABLE – The Livewave Antenna is affordable. You do not have to pay expensive cable bills now. You get access to 100+ channels for free. Unlike the cable TV system, there are no monthly fees and there is no need for frequent servicing.

3. EASY TO INSTALL – It is really easy to install. You do not need any sort of assistance for it. It is a compact device and you can just plug it into your TV screen and to an electrical outlet. And you’re done with the installation with no complications.

4. SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS – The Livewave Antenna doesn’t get connected to the live wiring of your house. It has its grounded circuit and this makes it safe for kids and pets. It is 100% shock-free.

5. COMPATIBLE WITH BOTH iOS AND ANDROID – The Livewave Antenna is compatible with a wide range of screens and can work for both iOS and Android operating systems.


There are so many TV antennas out there claiming to provide you with high definition channels. But most of the time they fall short of providing what has been promised to the customers. The Livewave Antenna, on the other hand, converts your home’s built-in electrical wiring into a giant antenna instantly when you plug this antenna into any AC socket and then it starts picking up signals and broadcasts free High Definitions channels.

The channels you get will depend on what is being broadcasted in your area. Each TV will require its Livewave Antenna to access the free HD channels. The Livewave Antenna works best when there is a broadcast tower nearby.

However, it continues to cater to excellent services even if these towers are not so near. You can always use an amplifier to boost your signal range. It is designed with an advanced military cover technology. The signal reception is powerful and also quite reliable, no matter the weather.

So just plug the Livewave Antenna into your TV screen and select it as your TV source and there you go. You can enjoy all the free HD channels.


  • First of all, connect the Livewave Antenna to your TV screen using the free inclusive cable cord.
  • Now, plug in the Livewave Antenna directly to any electrical outlet to instantly convert your home’s live wiring into one giant TV antenna. A super antenna.
  • And finally, scan for all the available channels and then start watching your favorite TV shows and the latest TV news for free.


  • It is a one-time payment Television service.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives you instant access to tv channels.
  •  It offers High picture quality.
  •  It provides a wide variety of channels.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It is not affected by weather conditions.
  • It is compatible with various devices.
  • It is compact and has a sleek design.


  • It is highly dependent on the signal broadcast.
  • The number of channels offered is limited.


The price of a single antenna is approximately $39.95. But you can always find exciting offers and discounts on the Livewave Antenna. You’ll get more discounts on buying more than one Livewave Antenna. You also get a lifetime warranty, which is optional. You have to pay $9.92 to get a lifetime warranty.

The company selling Livewave is Swell Ecomm Enterprises. The fine print mentions that the warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship in your Livewave Antenna. If the antenna just stops working one day, then, in theory, you can make a warranty claim.

Although, “Damages due to improper care or accident may be repaired at a reasonable rate and a fee will be charged for the return shipping,” the fine print notes. So if you accidentally break the device, it won’t be covered in the warranty.

You can easily purchase the product from its official website. You can make payments through PayPal. Credit cards are also acceptable to make the payments. The website is secure and highly safe to make your payments. It also gives you the options of return and refund in case of a damaged or wrong product delivered.


The customer reviews and ratings of the Livewave Antenna have been exceptionally positive. This antenna is an upgrade to your basic antennas and the expensive cable networks.

  • One of the customers writes on the internet about the Livewave Antenna that it has a coax feed and it plugs into your 110-volt outlet. It is easy to install and it instantly catches the signal after the installation.
  • Another customer loved the compatible size of the antenna and its technology. She wrote that advanced technology offers enhanced functions that keep up with the small size of the antenna. The picture quality is very high and the images are sharp and precise. She also suggested the Livewave Antenna to her neighbor.

On the negative side,  some customers were a little unsatisfied with the availability of limited channels. But most of the customers loved the fact that this antenna is easy to install and once you install the Livewave Antenna it immediately connects to signal broadcast station.


All in all, the Livewave Antenna is a wonderful deal as it eliminates almost all the faults of the traditional cable antennas. This one-time payment modern plugin antenna will free you from the burden of monthly payments and regular servicing that the traditional cable antennas might need. The Livewave Antenna is reliable and is quite amazing. It is a super antenna.

As per the claims, the buying and installation process is really easy. There are no complications while plugging in the antenna which is a great thing. The Livewave Antenna is compatible with a wide range of screens and can work for both iOS and Android operating systems. It is built with a special grounded circuit which prevents shocking or electrocution. It’s 100% safe for indoor use and around kids and pets.

To conclude, I think that it is worth every single penny. I highly recommend the Livewave Antenna to all the TV lovers out there!

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