TV Buddy Caster – Detailed Review by Professionals

Don’t we all just miss how we used to be in our childhood? Lying on the couch and watching our favourite cartoons on the TV; when our moms wouldn’t let us go out and it used to be the favourite thing to do at home, just lying there with your favourite TV show on the play but as we grew, technology developed and now all we do is lie on our beds the whole of our free time and binge-watch on either our phones, tablets or laptops.

Well, they’re all comfy and handy and everything but doesn’t we all just crave the same level of comfort we used to have in front of our TVs?

But again, what to watch on TV now, all our favourite watches either are not streaming on the Television according to our schedule and our mood or they are just available on your online streaming platform!

We can always project our devices onto the television but then we lose pixels of the video and that makes the video blurry; what a mood-kill, no? And all that binging on the small screen of our phones or laptops; so why not just switch back to TV just like the good old days?

Now how about the idea of being able to access all your favourite streaming services on your big screen TV; sounds pretty good. Right? Now, here’s the device of which we formed the image in your mind.

What is TV Buddy Caster?

TV Buddy Caster is a unique casting device which allows us to watch High Definition videos from our preferred streaming platform on our TV by connecting your phone to the device via Wi-Fi or with either 5Ghz or a 2.4Ghz network; it supports both. The device is connected to the TV with its only output outlet which is an HDMI cable connected to the device that goes into the HDMI port of the TV.

TVFix Caster

NOTE: The product TV Buddy Caster has been improved into a way better product, now known as TV Fix Caster which makes it even easier to connect and use.

It is way different and better than such devices that already exist, like Google Chromecast; as you don’t get to see the annoying ads and no worries about our watch history being fully tracked too.

You can play anything you want, unlike cable TVs where you have to watch whatever it’s on an rely on a few channels for your entertainment. Just simply turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV by attaching this device to it.

How To Use TV Buddy Caster?

The TV Buddy Caster’s working as complicated as it may sound, it actually has such an easy setup that anyone with basic knowledge of a smartphone can use it with great ease.

You start with plugging the only chord on the device into the HDMI port of out TV.

Then, you connect the device to the Wi-Fi of our phone. It usually is by the name of the device, but check the packaging box for the details. After connecting, just play whatever you want to see on the large screen and it will be displayed on the screen.

Specifications Of The TV Buddy Caster:

TV Buddy Caster has a lot of specifications which are applauded for all being present in a single device. Have a look for yourself:

  • Photo formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF
  • Audio formats: WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, APE, and MP3
  • Video formats: VOB, MOV, TS, RM, MKV, AVI and FLV
  • Frequency of 2.4G, 5G
  • Resolution: eminently supports H.265/HEVC decoder as well as 1080P which is Full HD support.
  • Platforms that can be streamed: Youtube, Netflix, hulu, amazon prime video, apple tvplus, Disney, Betplus, tubi tv, popcorn flix, Yidio, Sony Crackle, Snag Films, Pluto, Vudu, viewster, Kodi, abc, SPB TV, NBC News, HBO NOW, History Channel, Viki Rakuten.

TV Buddy Caster Technical Features:

The device, no matter what a piece of cake it is; is still a technological product and here are the technical features of the TV Buddy Caster you came here looking for:

  • Streams absolutely HD in 1080p.
  • Supports H.265 decoding, which is highly efficient video coding.
  • Very fast processing speed; until and unless there’s a connectivity issue, it will not keep you on buffer.
  • Supports Android 4.4+, IOS 9 and MAC OS 10+
  • HDMI yield with 50 percent quicker handling speed.
  • Follows the concept of ‘Fitting and Play’
  • The radiofrequency at which they work is 2.4 G or 5G, which speaks a lot for the high speed they work with.
  • It does not require any sort of additional drivers for storage purposes.
  • Modes: AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast, AirMirror, cross-framework reflecting and spilling of Netflix/YouTube/Chrome/and so forth.
  • For Home film, games, introductions and meetings.


  • Simple connection
  • Transmission in Full HD possible
  • Pocket Friendly
  • High Processing Speed
  • No interruptions
  • Better sound on the screen
  • Multiple services supported


So far, we don’t have a single con we could list here. The TV Buddy Caster is perfect in its own way. It solves all our issues, serves as a medium to provide us more comfort, is economic. The advantages of the device are just way too obvious and it’s hard to not let your hands on this device. It’s just a blessing in disguise.

Why TV Buddy Caster?

Similar products or casting devices like Amazon prime stick and Netflix has also launched a similar product, but it was noticed to be just a fancy way to collect data and keep a track of your watch history; and then based on what you watch, you will constantly be pestered by similar ads to what you watch, and in TV Buddy, this issue is dealt with.

TV Buddy Caster Reviews

While casting, no delays in the videos are observed, the audio quality is improved and you don’t have to wait all the time for the content to be buffered owing to better reception from the TV Buddy, the device offers high connectivity and thus, provide less hurdles for your perfect binge-watch experience.

TV Buddy Reviews:

Combining our reviews and customer reviews from the official site and ratings and reviews of the product on Amazon, the customers are highly satisfied with the product and the product works and functions as described and it was money well spent.

According to some users, their experience was seamless and couldn’t have been any better. Some users even compared the device to magic.

Overall, the device received a very positive response from all the users and from that, it’s safe to say, that among all the features, the product provides customer satisfaction too.

TV Buddy Caster Price:

There’s a great on-going deal on the product as of now. You can get one TV Buddy at 50% off, more for more discount. To top the cake with a cherry, there’s free shipping for more than one TV Buddy Caster orders.

A single unit of the TV Buddy costs around $49.99 after the discount. The shipping for a single order is approximately $8 which makes the total cost of the product. $58, give or take.

Where to Buy TV Buddy Caster?

The TV Buddy Caster is very easy to order. You can easily order it from its official site or you can easily order it from Amazon too. TV Buddy Caster is shipped worldwide and is usually delivered in 5-7 business days.

The official site provides a 24×7 customer support and offers hassle-free returns too. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days of the purchase and redeem a full refund. The product makes itself a worth try.


TV Buddy Caster is a perfect example of how technology has advanced, and how it may be very useful and providing, and still be a piece of cake to operate. The device does not let the user get confused with its very simple and smooth functioning, making the device accessible to all age groups.

TV Buddy Caster is really a one-for-all device, in many aspects. The product has proved itself to be a bane and is really a revolutionary.

Our final verdict will be that the product is a must-buy and deserves at least a try. Also, there is only limited stock of the devices left in the above-mentioned on-going sale. Grab it, while you can!

Customer Support Details:

Strong Current Enterprises Limited
Postbus 202
6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands

Email: [email protected](dot)com
United States: +1 609 414 7087
Canada: +1 778 300 0854
United Kingdom & Ireland: +44 8708 200084
Australia & New Zealand: +61 2 8607 8316

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  1. Can I watch local channels with tv buddy? Also I have a little over a year left on my cable contract can I get out of it without paying? Thanks Pat Spencer

    • The easiest way to answer this question, is to ask another one. Can you watch any of the following Sky Satellite TV Sports or BT Sports Channels on your mobile. tablet or PC?
      If the answer is no, then this is not for you!
      The device mirrors the screen of mobile. tablet or PC, hope this helps.

  2. 1. Do I need to do something to link tv buddy to my WiFi or internet?
    2. I do not see cast icons on Amazon or Hulu, even tho I have uploaded to the latest versions.


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