TVFix Caster Review – A MUST Read Before You Buy This!

TVFix Caster is a TV streaming device that uses the latest technology to help you watch live TV on your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Who does not want to enjoy the best entertainment at affordable prices? Entertainment does not only allow us to pass our time but frees us from the exhausting work of the day. You may enjoy movies, series, or songs as per your favorites.

Technology has left a fast footprint in entertainment. You can enjoy all of the smart devices for entertainment purposes like your latest smartphone, tabs, personal computer, smart TVs, etc.

When it comes to affordability, nothing beats the performance of the streaming devices that gives you the freedom to enjoy entertainment without worrying about the bills, quality, compatibility, and functionality.

What is a streaming media player?

A streaming media player allows you to directly watch content on your television without the limitation of a small screen. You can go for any of the latest streaming media players available in the market that are versatile and affordable. One such product is TVFix Caster.

Let us try to understand the device first.

What is TVFix?

TVFix is a streaming device that enables you to cut on your cable charges and enjoy seamless entertainment. It is a breakthrough product that lets you stream the content from online platforms and social networking directly to your TV.

TVFix Caster

So what is it that makes TVFix so special? Let us have a look at its technical specifications:

Technical Specifications:

  • It works with any Wi-Fi capable Personal Computer, Android device, Mac, Apple iPhone/iPad devices, etc.
  • It has a 1080 pixel resolution.
  • It is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene i.e. ABS material.
  • It has an H.265/HEVC decoder.
  • It works at a radio frequency of 2.4GHz.
  • It supports FLV, MOV, TS, AVI, MKV, RM, VOB video formats.
  • It supports GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG photo formats.
  • It supports APE, OGG, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, MP3 audio formats.

Features of TVFix:

The main features include:

  • It has a high processing speed and delivers HD quality display and high-quality audio.
  • It is compatible with more than one thousand applications.
  • It is compatible with any of the smart devices like smart TV, laptops, computers, tabs, smartphones, etc.
  • It is compatible with any of the operating systems and shows efficient accuracy and speed while delivering high-speeds.
  • It is compact and is highly portable.
  • It is made up of high-quality material and is durable. It is a one-time investment.
  • It is easy to use and does not require a detailed setup.
  • It saves you money and does not cause recurring charges.

TVFix Caster is an invention that takes charge of easing your life with its multi-dimensional benefits. You do not need to toggle between the different devices when you have TV Fix Caster that directly relays the best entertainment to your TV.

After having a check at the features of this miracle device, let us tell you the best way to use this device at your place.

How to use TVFix?

TVFix starts working in three easy steps only:

  1. Plug-in TVFix to your TV.
  2. Set the TV to the HDMI function.
  3. Connect your smartphone or tab using the Wi-Fi connection to control the online streaming.

TVFix does not call for managing the tangling wires or connecting the entire setup. It is easy to use in just three simple steps. Entertainment gets simplified and easy with this small device.

It is interesting and fascinating to know how this device works. So let’s move on to that now.

How does TVFix work?

TVFix has simple working. It is an electronic device that connects to your TV set on its HDMI cable. All of the modern TV sets have an HDMI port and hence it is easy to use on your existing TV set only and there is no need to spend thousands of your hard-earned money on buying smart TVs.

It works with the apps on your smartphone that work as a control station and you are thus able to stream from online platforms or social networking using the Wi-Fi connection of your place.

Thus, overall you need to have a modern TV set, a Wi-Fi connection, and TVFix to enjoy the best entertainment at your place. No more fuss for the highly-acclaimed products when you know that TVFix has sorted all for you.

Is TVFix the same as Roku?

TVFix and Roku aren’t the same. TVFix is an HDMI-over-air (or OTA) device that costs around $49 and plugs into the back of your TV, letting you stream all your TV shows and movies directly to your TV from your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. It’s a great device that lets you cut the cord and still enjoy all your favorite shows and movies. You can also connect this device to a Roku or other streaming device to catch live TV.

Let us have a look at the major advantages of using this device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TVFix:

The major advantages are:

  1. You can watch any of the online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, YouTube, MLB, Showtime, Sling TV, and NBA along with social networking like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. You do not need to buy smart TV for using this as it works well with any of the existing modern TV sets at your place.
  3. Delivers extraordinary high-quality videos and amazing audio output. Hence you get access to super-high HD video and audio.
  4. Easy to use as you have to connect it to the HDMI port of your TV and can control it using a smartphone or laptop. It does not require a detailed setup.
  5. Eliminates the cable TV from your place. Cable TV has multiple channels that are not practically possible to watch. Hence you only subscribe to what you enjoy the most.
  6. Saves your monthly bills as it does not add to the entertainment costs as it is a relay device only. It is a one-time investment that saves you from recurring bills of cable TV.

There are no major disadvantages except for the following:

  • TVFix Caster is available online only.

TVFix Price:

The TVFix is available at affordable rates on the official website of the manufacturer. The cost price is $99.98 but it is available at $49.99 only owning to the 50% discount offer of the company.

There is the availability of discounted bulk buying offers on TVFix as mentioned below:

  • “Double Your Entertainment” pack provides two units worth $199.96 for $99.98 only.
  • “Triple Your Entertainment” pack provides three units worth $224.96 for $112.48 only.
  • “Entertain the Whole Family” pack provides four units worth $274.94 for $137.47 only.

Where to buy it?

It is advised to buy your TVFix from its official website only as it is an electronic device and chances are high that you may end up buying similar-looking, low-quality, counterfeit products.

In addition to the originality, buying your TVFix Caster from its official website makes you eligible for the 30-days money-back guarantee of the company. So, just in case, you are not satisfied with the quality, you can simply return it to the manufacturer and refund your money. However, it will never give you a chance to avail of this opportunity.

TVFix Refund Policy:

The Refund Policy for TVFix is simple: if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. It’s that simple. The company is 100% committed to providing customers with the best possible service. The Refund Policy applies equally to all our products, which are sold directly to our customers directly via our website.

Customer Reviews:

One customer calls TVFix pure magic. She has bought a couple of TVFix for her family after she has used one for her personal use. She loves the way it works by just plugging in and playing features.

Another customer terms TVFix as a lovable electronic device. She uses it to watch Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube on her TV. She is in love with it as she can use it with any of the android apps and enjoy seamless entertainment.

The third user terms it as an efficient device for switching between different online streaming platforms. There are no interruptions and he enjoys the fast loading speeds of TVFix.

Based on the customer reviews and our use of TVFix, we award it a top score of 5-star ratings.


  • What is the quality of the resolution of TVFix?

It has a high-quality resolution of 1080 pixels including 4K content.

  • Where to download the app for TVFix?

You can download any of the android apps for beaming TVFix to your screen.

  • Shall I need to replace my TV or laptop for using TVFix?

Not at all, it is compatible with computers, laptops, phones, smartphones, smart TVs that can connect to the Wi-Fi.


TVFix is the next must-to-have entertainment device in your place. No more transferring of data from one device to another to attain good quality and comfortable watching. Just plug in TVFix Caster and you can enjoy the best online streaming, social networking on any of your big screens.

Want to have the freedom of entertainment? Go for this awesome device and enjoy its seamless, high-resolution, and versatile streaming. Don’t spend high when you can get all this at highly affordable rates. Grab one for yourself today!

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