How to Make a TV Antenna from Coaxial Cable

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a TV antenna from coaxial cable:

The detailed procedure to make your TV antenna from a coaxial cable includes:

  1. Preparing a wooden board:

Start preparing a wooden board for your TV antenna. The ideal measurements of the wooden board for the TV antenna should be 1*3 inches or 2*3 inches with 22 inches length. You can start working on the wooden board from left to right. The next step is to mark lines at 2inches, 7.25 inches, 12.5 inches, 17.75 inches, etc. You can mark two dots on each evenly spaced line.

  • Preparing the copper wire:

Start preparing the copper wire by measuring the 14-inch sections and cutting 8 sections. You can measure the seven inches on every copper wire and bend it in half. You must have three inches gap between the two ends of the copper wire. Thus, your copper wires should be prepared as the two sides of the triangle with a three inches gap that forms the third side of the triangle.

  • Attaching the wires:

Start by attaching the “V-point” of each cooper wire to the dots on the wooden board. Each wire should extend outward like the board has grown legs. You can take the help of screws and washers to attach these wires. These wires shouldn’t touch each other and you must use at least one of the wires with vinyl insulation.

The bent portion of the “V-shape” wires should be intersected once per wire only. Use the same process to weave all wires into the wooden board. Once completed, these wires should look like two “X-shape” connecting all your sets of “V-shape” wires. These “X-shape” designs connect the second and third sets of the “V-shape” wires by two horizontal lines.

  • Adding reflectors:

You have to attach two reflectors at even spacing. The reflectors should be 15*9 inches in size. Using the grill screens for reflectors on the board, you can attach them with the help of screws. Make sure that these reflectors don’t touch the “V-shaped” wires.

  • Attaching the transformer (balun):

You have to attach the balun that is the transformer to the two center sections of the wire. All transformers (balun) come with a clear set of instructions for attaching them to the wires.

  • Attaching the antenna to your HD TV:

You’ve to attach the balun to the HD TV using the coaxial cable. You can look for the right plug on the TV set to attach the coaxial cable. You must take care of the right side of the coaxial cable that goes into the HD TV and the one for the TV antenna.

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Wrapping Up:

It is possible to make a TV antenna from coaxial cable and switch back to free programming. Say goodbye to the frustrating issues of the cable channels and the streaming and welcome the fuss-free programs. All you need are a couple of things and a basic understanding of these electronics.

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