How to Tune a CB Antenna without an SWR Meter

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CB radio is best for communicating with other drivers while you’re on road. Thus, it is a priceless moment for many drivers. Many CB radios are manufactured with an internal SWR meter. This facilitates the installation process and helps in the ease to use of CB radio.

How to Tune a CB Antenna without an SWR Meter

However, many CB radios don’t have an in-built SWR meter and hence require an external meter for tuning antenna. However, tuning your CB antenna even without an SWR meter is 100% possible. Thus, you don’t have to fiddle with the radios and the antennas while ensuring that your CB works seamlessly with excellent reception.

Requirements to tune a CB Antenna without an SWR meter:

It is fine even if you don’t have an SWR meter or your CB radio doesn’t have an in-built SWR meter. All you need to have is a second CB radio that is already tuned and a large open area of about 40 meters of space with no obstructions. Keep a check on the CB antenna and your power source to start tuning it without an SWR meter. 

Steps to tune a CB Antenna without an SWR meter:

First things first, start your CB radio on a low power to prevent any damages to it. The step-by-step guide to tuning your CB antenna without an SWR meter includes:

  • Find an open area:

You must find an open space of about 40 meters with no or minimal obstructions. This helps to tune your CB antenna with the least disturbances. After reaching an open space, you can close the doors and windows of your vehicle to prevent disturbing readings.

  • Preparing the CB antenna:

Start setting your CB antenna at low power for easy transmission and reception of different signals. Use the CB antenna with a plastic cap that helps shorten the length for effective communication. Thus, you will be starting from the maximum short position o the CB antenna.

  • Using the second radio:

Choose a specific channel on the already tuned second radio. You can select instant channel 9 or 19 as they have large activities. The process ensures a clear connection between the two radios by using the same channel. Try by pushing the PTT button on the microphone and speaking. The second radio can confirm clear transmission that indicates that both CB radios are in sync.

  • Adjusting the CB Antenna:

If the transmission received on the second CB radio is not clear, you can adjust the screw-on antenna until you get the clear signal. You can find these screws on the tunable tips at the top of the antenna, while others can have it at the bottom. Screws are replaced by rings in some antennas. You can adjust the height of the CB antenna in this process.

Wrapping Up:

Tuning your CB antenna is possible even if you don’t have an SWR meter with you. It involves a simple process that doesn’t even require sophisticated technical knowledge. All you require to achieve tuning of CB antenna is a second CB radio that is tuned and open space.

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